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Routes for your barge vacation

Here we give you a flavour of the most popular routes available but, with a few restraints, you are free to travel whichever direction you please from your chosen start base and can holiday for a weekend, a week or longer.

Guide book references for each route (P5, N2, L15 etc) refer to the listings on our maps page which can be purchased to help with planning your holiday. As a rough calculation when planning a route, add the number of locks to the distance in miles and divide the total by 3 to give cruising time in hours.

The Heart of England
Potteries & Peak District
Shakespeare Country, Warwickshire & the Chilterns
Pennines, Chester & Yorkshire
Wales & the Marches
Wessex and the Cotswolds
Scotland, the Falkirk Wheel, Edinburgh & Glasgow

Please note:

Suggested routes and timings are approximate and will be affected by available cruising hours, weather conditions and amount of traffic on the waterway. More detailed advice will be given when the boat is collected. When planning any river cruising within your route, do bear in mind that in some weather conditions river navigation may be restricted, so it is worth having an alternative plan.

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